Yoga is a tool I've kept close ever since my first class around the age of 15. 


Persuaded by my father and uncle, I found myself on a mat in a dusty room in the corner of a building site near the dock of Cardiff Bay, nervous, intrigued, yet horrified at the realisation that I was trapped here for hour and half, I pressed on.   

Sweat dripped, muscles ached and dust swirled, 90 minutes went by and honestly, the yoga epiphany didn't hit, but sound advice told me to keep moving forward, so I did.

Years later when the hours dedicated started to add up I began to notice a shift, my body started to respond, muscles softened but strengthened, focus sharpened, habits dwindled, shoulders became lighter and anxieties eased.


I wanted to explore further so embarked on my first training in Soho, London.

It quickly became apparent that behind the fancy poses was a philosophy that had started to germinate from that very first class and was now firmly establishing its roots.

After a year of solo travel and a lot more practice I took up a 2 year training with the British Wheel of Yoga

5 years, 3 continents and countless teachers later I find myself as passionate and confused at the practice as ever. 

From innumerable complexities we must grow to simplicity; we must become simple in our inward life and in our outward needs

                                                                                                                                               - J Krishnamurti

Today, I continue to explore what constitutes a yoga practice by seeking a variety of movement and mindful practices, currently ranging from the Wim Hof Method and free-divers breath to Jiu Jitsu and primitive movement.

This path has led me to join the much celebrated Yoga Like Water family, regarded as one of the UK's most innovative training schools and continues to keep the dialogue of yoga forward thinking.

All of my training has informed me that yoga isn't something that should be categorised, it isn't a shape or a style or something to imitate but a true expression of the self, regardless of the discipline.


As a facilitator of yoga my passion is to encourage people to find whatever their own interpretation of yoga is and use it to be the best version of themselves possible.

© Lawrence Hassan

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